Saturday, May 26, 2018

Perfect Moment Music

It's raining. Sully's watching a show in my bedroom; Scarlett's asleep. I'm listening to quiet music and drinking coffee. I'm writing (obviously). Behold, Internet, here it is: the perfect moment.

I have learned something since becoming a mom, and that is that you can't expect perfect moments like this to go on for even a second after you become aware of them. The very realization that you are in such a moment might be all you get. So you just need to get it in you as fast as you can, like taking a deep breath with your brain.

Even as I finished writing that sentence, the rain stopped and Scarlett woke up and I drank the last drop of coffee, all at once. But look at this: proof in writing that that perfect moment existed.

Just for kicks, here's the playlist I'm listening to right now. Very good perfect moment music.

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